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That it kid must be secured out!
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That it kid must be secured out!
That it kid must be secured out!

[Eminem:] Prevent the tape! (Get your!) Dr. I'm not happy to get-off, it is also terrifying to pass away (Bang that!) I am going to have to be sent in the cemetery and buried live (Huh yup!) Have always been I future or supposed? I can scarcely pick I just ate a 5th regarding vodka -- challenge me to drive? (Proceed) Most of the my life I happened to be most deprived I isn't had a good girl in many years, and you may my personal possession are way too furry to cover up (Whoops!) Clothes ripped like the Unbelievable Hulk (hachhh-too) I spit when i talk, I will fuck something that treks (C'mere) When i was little We familiar with score thus hungry We do place matches The manner in which you Planning to Breast feed Me Mother? (WAH!) Your Isn't Had No Boobs! (WAHHH!) I put conscious and you can strap me about bed Set a great bulletproof vest for the and you will capture me on direct (Bang!) I am steaming frustrated (Arrrggghhh!) By the way in which when you see my dad? (Yeah?) Tell him which i slit their mouth area, in this fantasy I'd

Crap, Christina Aguilera most readily useful option myself seating and so i can be stay second in order to Carson Daly and you can Fred Durst and you may tune in to 'em argue over just who she offered visit very first Your absolutely nothing cunt, place myself to the blast towards the MTV "Yeah, they are lovable, however, I believe they are married to help you Kim, hee-hee!

[Eminem] Should i have your attract delight? Should i have your desire delight? Often the true Thin Shady excite operate? I repeat, tend to the actual Thin Shady excite remain true? We have been browsing have difficulties here..

Dre, don't just sit indeed there, Work!

Y'all behave like you don't viewed a light person in advance of Jaws the on the ground including Pam, for example Tommy merely bust regarding the doorway and you will been whoopin the woman butt bad than ever they very first was basically divorce proceedings, throwin the lady more chairs (Ahh!) Simple fact is that return of one's. "Ah, waiting, not a chance, you're joking, he didn't just say what i envision the guy did, did he?" And you may Dr. Dre told you. little you idiots! Dr. Dre's lifeless, he is locked in my own basements! (Ha-ha!) Feminist female like Eminem [*singing turntable: chigga chigga chigga*] "Slim Dubious, I'm tired of your Look at him, walkin up to grabbin their you-know-what Flippin new you-know-just who," "Yeah, however, he's thus sexy even in the event!" Yeah, We most likely had several screws right up in my own lead loose However, zero even worse, than simply what's goin on in your parents' bed rooms Either, We wish to get on Television and just let out, however, can not but it is cool getting Tom Green so you can hump a great lifeless moose "My bottom is on the mouth area, my bum is found on their mouth" Of course, if I am fortunate, you might simply give it a tiny kiss That is brand new message that we submit to help you absolutely nothing children And you can predict them not to know what a good woman's clit is actually Needless to say it browsing know what intercourse is via enough time they strike 4th values They got this new Advancement Station dont they? "I is not nothing but animals.." Better, many of us cannibals exactly who cut others discover particularly cantaloupes [SLURP] But if we could hump inactive pet and you will antelopes then there is absolutely no reason one to a guy and something son can't run off [*EWWW!*] But when you feel like I believe, I got the brand new antidote People wave the pantyhose, sing the brand new chorus therefore goes

'Cause I am Slim Debateable, yes I am the actual Dubious Everything you other Thin Shadys is actually only imitating Very would not the true Narrow Questionable please remain true, please stand-up, please stand?

[Eminem] Tend to Smith cannot gotta cuss in his raps to offer their records; really I really do, very bang your and you can screw you too! Do you believe I bring a really throughout the a good Grammy? Half of your experts can not actually stomach me, not to mention stay me personally "However, Narrow, let's say you winnings, would it not end up being unusual?" Why? Which means you men you can expect to only sit to track down me personally right here? So you're able to, stay me right here near to Britney Spears? " I will install the girl sounds into the Mp3 and have the whole industry the method that you offered Eminem VD [AHHH!] I'm sick of your daughter and you may kid groups, anything you do is actually bother myself therefore i was in fact delivered right here to ruin you [bzzzt] As there are a million folks just like me whom cuss just like me; which only usually do not render a fuck anything like me which dress such me; stroll, cam and you can behave like me personally and just may be the second most sensible thing yet not slightly myself!

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